I wonder what motivates writers to write? And does it come in spurts for everybody like it does for me? I’m having a hard time staying motivated right now. I have a lot going on in my day job, and a possible move coming up, but I know I need to move along with my second book to keep things exciting. I’m not sure there’s enough coffee in the world for the energy I need!


Happy Sunday!

~Amy Marie

1 week later

It’s been a week…

Aside from my book launch last Tuesday, I’ve had some interesting news in my everyday career. My current company now knows I have a temporary offer letter from the government to work air traffic control federally. It’s been a long process, but I think it’s coming together soon. I’ll get transferred again after being in Idaho for nearly two years, and at this point, I don’t even know where I’m going. I’ll get my list of facilities to choose from any day now. There are so many changes on the horizon, and a world of opportunities now that I know what I’m capable of.

Reminiscence has done surprisingly well in the first week of release with me having virtually no experience in this field. I’ve sold over 50 copies between the Kindle and paperback editions and so far have received 3 different  5 star “⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️” reviews! It may not be a bestseller yet, but that’s incredible to me. Now my goals are to expand marketing, pick up some ads, and hopefully get some good word of mouth recommendations. I already have a draft of book two written, as long as I stay on track editing, I hope to have it ready by winter this year. I think once I can have both books out at once, I can really gain some momentum. One of these days if I keep acting like I know what I’m doing, it may turn out that I’ll do okay 🙂

It kind of seems like I’m on the brink of some major changes here, and I’m 80% excited, 10% scared, 8% hungry, and 2% tired. (rough estimates… it might be 80% hungry, who knows.) I know successes don’t happen overnight, so I’m willing nurture this project. I feel like this trilogy is a part of me, as I’m sure all authors do. We’re all hoping our story is different, that someone will read it and think… “Wow, I’ve got to tell everyone about this!” But only time will tell what will really happen.


Here’s to hoping!



~Amy Marie

Something more…

It’s a few days after the release of my first novel, and I thought I’d feel… different. More accomplished? Completely elated? Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy and proud of myself, but now I just feel overwhelmed with all the work I still have to do. I thought maybe once the book was out, that I’d be able to sit back and take a breather. But not really… I feel like each day that I’m not writing, I’m not using my time wisely. I’ve got the bug, and I can feel it. Other story ideas are creeping in, and I’m not even done with my trilogy yet. But to start a new story before I’m finished with this saga feels wrong. My head is in such a jumble. The only thing I can do is take one day at a time towards reaching my goals, and in the meantime I also have to research sales and marketing ideas. ARGH! When I wrote this book, I had no idea all of this would be involved. Can’t I just be carefree, and sip my tea, and pound away on my lap top to my own deadlines, and just relax? That’s kind of the dream. So why am I feeling so stressed? I just have such high expectations for myself. I need to calm down and give myself a little more credit. The something more I’m looking for will come… with time.


Rant over. ❤


~Amy Marie


It’s release day! And I couldn’t be more excited!

Reminiscence is now available online in paperback and kindle here:

AND my Facebook event has some traffic! What a great day!

I’m feeling elated and proud. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!



~Amy Marie

Keep Calm

My first book is going to be released in two weeks….


I really am not sure I can keep calm! I mean, it’s really happening. I’m not even sure believe it. I know I’m self-publishing, and it’s not quite as exciting as a traditional deal… but I wrote a freaking book! THAT’S AMAZING! And not just a book, but this is going to be a trilogy. I can only pray this is just the beginning ❤

I know I have my big girl job, and I love it. But this… this is so much more. An accomplishment all on my own. A story I wrote to help me through a difficult time, and to see it come to life in the form of a real life book is amazing to me. I can’t wait to hear what people think of it. I know they’ll be good and bad, but I hope most people love it as much as I do.

So, in the meantime, I’ll try to keep calm 🙂


~Amy Marie


I’ve had that song in my head since we’ve gotten within the 1 month mark. I can’t believe my first book will be published in less than a month! When I picked the release date, today  3/8 was my other option, but I’m grateful for the extra time for the perfectionist in me.

I’ve finished my last rounds of touch-ups and editing, covers are double and triple checked. My special edition hardcovers are ready for order so I can have some giveaways with the release. Now, all I have to do is start opening some new avenues of advertising.

My neighbor lady just finished reading one of my proof copies, and I was nervous wondering if she’d like it, or if it was too young and “fantasy” for her (she’s in her late 70’s). She called me today and left me a message thanking me for letting her read it because she’s so excited and loved it. That really warmed my heart. I really hope this series hits home for all ages.

I’ve struggled in finding a way to explain what Reminiscence is “about”, there’s so much of a mixture of everything in it: history, romance, mystery, metaphysics, fantasy. It isn’t just one thing, it really is a balance and that’s pretty much the theme: Balance.


And what a great lesson I’ve learned myself through this story ❤

Happy Wednesday!


~Amy Marie

Carry on

I had a horrible experience recently doing a photo shoot for my author photo. I was so upset at the results, that I began to wonder if I was being vain. Then I showed some of the proofs to my family, and they verified – most of the pictures didn’t even look like me. I didn’t know how to handle the situation. I tried my hardest to be polite in dealing with the photographer, but it quickly went downhill. I was distraught. I wanted a professional photo, and due to my current rural placement, I was beginning to think I was running out of options. I noticed my mood carry over at work, and I was being grumpy and sullen. A co-worker pointed it out to me, and I immediately realized I was approaching the whole situation wrong. Had the photographer done a bad job? In my opinion yes, but maybe she felt different. She at least showed up and tried. And I realized I couldn’t really blame her for that. I settled on a half off refund on the fact that I wouldn’t be using one of her photos. It hurt me to hand over money for nothing, but I realized she needed it more than I did, and I’m okay with that. Needless to say, I hunkered down and came up with an alternate option, and I love the photo of choice. In fact, I feel like it might have been meant to be.

Something may not go your way, but that doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. The book will still publish, and I will survive.

Here is the final result:


I love it. And I’m proud.

I ran across a few speed bumps, but carried on. And everything worked out fine.

Lesson learned.

~Amy Marie

Happy Valentine’s Day to meee!


So after coming home from a 10 hour shift yesterday, I got the best package in the mail! My paperback proof! And it’s SO PRETTY!!! I think I stared at it for hours. I mean, I know I should be looking INSIDE and editing, but I can’t stop staring at it. It looks like a real book… and then I realized… THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING!

This is my book, it’s legit. I’m self-publishing, and I couldn’t be more proud.

Today, I’ve finally come out of my stupor and I’m working on the much needed edits, but I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this happy. I can only pray that people love the book and the story as much as I do.

I mean, look at me:


That, my friends, is joy 🙂

Hope you all had a happy Valentine’s Day with someone you love, or doing something you love. ❤

~Amy Marie